This event was born out of a deep love and desire to bring different embodied practices together in one project. Our program consisted of leaders and facilitators in the fields of Somatics, Trauma, Yoga and the Psyche. This free Conference has come to an end. We are so grateful and delighted with the huge feedback we have received from so many of you. A big thank you to all the students, teachers, scientists & therapists.

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Mounira Bazzi (LE)
Yoga & spiritual teacher

Mounira Bazzi draws on her 18 years of practice and experience in the world of sports, contemporary psychology and yoga to bring students to an elevated sense of awareness that moves beyond the 'norms' of today's societies.

Mounira's work is a framework for practical life change. An avid student, she combines her knowledge of the texts of Yoga and Tantra, contemporary pysychology and integral thought.

She specializes in Continuum Movement, Yoga Therapy and Yoga Psychology. She is Yoga ambassador for ThinkPinkBelgium and Decathlon Belgium.

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Joni Asselbergs (BE)
Vinyasa & yin yoga teacher

I strongly believe that yoga can support you, whether you are a woman or a man, young or old, flexible or not. There is a yoga style out there that matches your needs, and I have made it my mission to help people find theirs.

To spread the yoga love, I drive around Belgium & abroad with my pop-up yoga bus so people can experience the benefits and joys of yoga. My love for connection to people, nature and different cultures has been with me since i was a child.
It is through these interactions that I feel I can be a better teacher and person.

In my Dutch and English classes, I teach (Prana) Vinyasa, Gentle Flow & Yin Yoga. I love being a student and I love studying with different teachers.

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Prof. Dr. Steven Laureys (BE)
Neurologist & brain scientist

Prof Steven Laureys MD PhD is internationally known for his expertise in the neurology of consciousness and the study of brain plasticity after acquired injury. He is Research Director at the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research and head of the "Brain² Clinic” of the University Hospital of Liège.

He has published several scientific books (e.g., ‘
The neurology of Consciousness’) and best-selling popular books such as ‘No-nonsense meditation’ & ‘Ons briljante brein’ and is appreciated as speaker and popularizer of neuroscience (e.g., five TEDx talks).

Using the latest brain scans and wearable technologies his team studies the workings of the mind in brain injury, concussion and altered states of consciousness.

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Joachim Meire (BE)
Functional yoga

Joachim Meire is een internationaal erkende yoga leraar en beoefent yoga sinds 1999. Meer dan 500 studenten volgden intussen bij Joachim een Yoga Teacher Training. Hij is auteur van het 'No-nonsense Yoga Boek' en 'Yoga met Evy', organisator van het Yogaland Festival en oprichter van SeaSide Yoga Retreats en YogaTele.

De yogastijl die Joachim doceert is een dynamische vorm van yoga met een balans tussen intensiteit en rust. Met een aangename stem begeleidt Joachim je tijdens de les om telkens te ‘flirten’ met je eigen grenzen en om je te verbinden met de transformerende kracht van yoga. Joachim beschikt door zijn medische achtergrond over een diepgaande kennis van het menselijke lichaam. Aan de hand van duidelijke instructies helpt hij je op een veilige en onderbouwde manier in yogahoudingen.

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Dominique Antiglio (GB)
Qualified Sophrologist, Author & Speaker

Dominique Antiglio is an acclaimed Sophrologist, best-selling author, and Founder of She specializes in stress & sleep management, anxiety, self-development and preparing for major life events using Sophrology. Her background in Osteopathy and her passion for the mind body connection deepens her understanding of Sophrology and how to best use it to empower people through challenging times. Born in Switzerland, Dominique was introduced to Sophrology at 15 years old to overcome health issues, learning early on the ways to positively connect with herself and embrace a new way of living.

Dominique’s book “The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology” is the first widely published comprehensive guide on Sophrology in English worldwide and has been instrumental in spreading the practice of Sophrology beyond Continental Europe. She is a regular speaker at events such as The Guardian Masterclasses, The Mindful Living Show, Evening Standard The Reset and Live Well London.

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Livia Verlinden (BE)
Master in Educational Sciences, sophrologist & coach  

Her mission: " Empowering people to go through life with more joy, confidence, balance and hope".

Especially the 'life-wide' aspect of lifelong learning is something that stimulates her to take the path of personal development and consciousness training with people, so that they can enjoy the benefits of this lifelong and in all areas of their lives, and not just for their job.

Sophrology is an ideal and very useful tool for this.  Different programmes such as 'Well-being & Sophrology', 'Sleeping better & Sophrology', 'Healthy Ageing & Sophrology' … are themes on which she can work based on a solid knowledge and experience, both individually and in groups. Besides sophrology, Livia is also passionate about Aerial Yoga.

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David Harshada Wagner (US)
Creative mindset consultant, teacher, author & artist

David has been helping people from all walks of life all over the world live magnificent lives for more than 25 years. His training is vast and varied, from 12 Step Recovery training, to the Indian wisdom traditions of Yoga, Bhakti, Vedanta, and Tantric Shaivism. As a teacher he draws teachings not only from tradition and scripture, but from his decades of personal transformation and his experience serving others to find their authentic path to deep happiness.

David travels widely training teachers and working with people from all walks of life. He is a proponent of “Soulfulness” – a balance between knowing and loving God in a powerful authentic way and serving and loving others. His teaching style is bold, dynamic, and unique, approachable to students from all walks of life. He is the author of BACKBONE – the Modern Man’s Ultimate Guide to Purpose Passion and Power, and is currently authoring several books including one based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

> Learn more about David Harshada Wagner

Mirjam Wagner (CH)
Osteopath & Yoga teacher

As a passionate and experienced Osteopath & Yoga Teacher, Mirjam Wagner found her true passion in the quiet practice of Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy. She loves to work with women in order to uncover conscious and unconscious limitation of their true potential by using the Feminine Archetypes and the Hormones.

In her teachings, Mirjam combines the scientific understanding of the human body with a healing spiritual approach. Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Gil Hedley, Ted Kaptchuk, Dr. Daniel Keown & Jean Bolen are some of her most important influences and inspirations on this path.

Mirjam’s profound experience & knowledge of the human body and its close connection to an emotional and mental well being make her a very caring and inspiring teacher who guides you into a deeper connection to yourself and others.

> Learn more about Mirjam Wagner

Katherine Walker (US)
Yoga & Meditation teacher
Yoga for Persistent Pain

Katherine is a yoga/meditation teacher with over 15 years experience teaching. Her own experience with chronic pain in her teens and 20s led to a growing interest in pain science, neuroscience, psychology and of course yoga/meditation. She now passionately weaves in the knowledge from her years of working in research with her teaching of yoga and meditation. When experiencing pain you don’t have to “tough it out”, or give up. Staying active in your attitude of self-care, befriending yourself;  practicing self-acceptance, self-compassion and forgiveness is essential to finding your way out of pain.

In creating the BodyMind Katherine hopes to inspire others living with chronic pain to stay strong, educate themselves about the causes of pain and believe that this too shall pass. Pain has a message for all of us about our values, motives, needs; it is steering us towards a life which is truly ours. Pain is not our enemy, it is the mud out of which we must grow.

> Learn more about Katherine Walker

Hala Khouri (LE)
Sought-after speaker & trainer on the subject of trauma, yoga and social justice

Hala Khouri has been teaching yoga & movement for over 25 years and has been doing clinical work and trainings for 15 years. Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, she has dedicated her life to the study of trauma, justice and building resilience. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Columbia University and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and an M.A. in Community Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Hala is trained in Somatic Experiencing, a body-based psychotherapy that helps resolve trauma & its symptoms.

Hala is a co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World, a training organization that bridges yoga and activism within a social justice framework. She leads trauma informed yoga trainings nationally. She leads a monthly, online membership program called Radical Wellbeing. Her first book, Peace from Anxiety: Get Grounded, Build Resilience and Stay Connected Amidst the Chaos, comes out in April 2021.  She lives in Venice, CA with her husband & two sons where she also teaches public yoga classes weekly.

> Learn more about Hala Khouri

Janet Stone (US)
Global Yoga Warrior

Janet Stone’s yoga journey began at 17 under Maharaji, her meditation teacher, whose reverence for simplicity and joy live on in her practice and teachings to this day. She shares from the depth of her own sadhana (sustained practice), her studentship in the eight-limbed path, her creative approach to asana, and her reverence for bhakti (devotional, heart-centered yoga, including chanting mantra).

With over thirty years in studentship to the practice and twenty years of teaching, Janet offers classes that challenge students to investigate what they think they know, to hold compassion for what they discover within themselves, and to remember presence, the long view and the radical depth of our interconnectedness.

In 1996, Janet traveled to India, the birthplace of her grandfather, and became dedicated to the path of yoga. Based in San Francisco, California, she now shares the teachings through retreats, workshops, teacher trainings, an online platform, and three devotional albums filled with heart-centered mantra.

> Learn more about Janet Stone

Cora Verkuilen (NL)
Liquid Breath teacher
Liquid Yoga teacher

"No matter how relaxed you are, you can always relax more” – Cora Verkuilen.

Over 20 years ago Cora Verkuilen (1969) started her journey in practicing thoroughly different styles of yoga, meditation, breathwork, energywork and Pranayama. She became a Reiki Master and followed and taught numerous (international) trainings, retreats and workshops to expand awareness.

In the last decade Cora has been the founder and owner of the large yogastudio in Eindhoven Yogatrainer and she developed two methods. The connected breathing and healing method Liquid Breath® and the ‘Breathing your moves and moving your breath’ method Liquid Yoga®. Working with Cora is playful, fun, deep and you will not forget. See you!

> Learn more about Cora Verkuilen

Marcel van de Vis (NL)
Functional Yoga & Acupuncture

Marcel has been practising yoga for over two decades, after finding the healing benefits of the practice & meditation helped him navigate a difficult period in his life. He started his journey with Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and Vipassana meditation, moving into more static, alignment-based yoga.

Then he met Yin yoga’s founder, Paul Grilley and his wife Suzee, who showed him the physical, mental and spiritual uniqueness of every individual’s body. Studying under their wings significantly changed Marcel’s perspective on asana practice & meditation. The understanding that we’re all unique and therefore need a unique approach to whatever we do now underpins all of Marcel’s teachings.

Marcel is a highly experienced teacher, including teacher trainings & workshops worldwide as well as on-line classes on The Fat Yogis, an on-line platform that he co founded. He calls the style of yoga that he teaches Functional yoga, which explores how to use yoga poses in the most beneficial way for your unique body, rather than trying to force or fit your body into an aesthetic pose. Besides being a yoga, meditation and sports trainer, he is an acupuncture therapist as well.

> Learn more about Marcel van de Vis

Kristien Geurts (BE)
Clinical psychologist
Systemic therapist
Trauma therapist in training

Some of Kristien’s specialities include: learning to deal with high sensitivity and high intelligence, depression, anxiety, anger, listlessness, addiction, grief, (suspected) autism or ADHD, parenting issues, relationship problems, childhood traumas,…

Each story is unique … and so is each therapeutic experience. Each therapist works from a personal style and with a specific professional appoach and training. My 3 main principles are:
1. We will start from your strenghts
2. Rediscovering new and old connections
3. One image says more than a thousand words

> Learn more about Kristien Geurts

Aaed Ghanem (LE)
Hatha Yoga

Aaed began practicing yoga in 1996 at the age of 15 and has had a huge influence on revolutionising the practice of yoga in the Middle East. He facilitates healing sessions, massage, yoga workshops and retreats, Satsangs and chanting as well as guided meditations.

He has spent years exploring many different yoga traditions, visiting for this purpose many countries like India & Nepal. He practiced many techniques incl. transcendental meditation by Maharishi, silent retreats as Vipasana Meditation, Breathing with the Art of Living and The Knowledge techniques by Maharaji. After studying Thai Massage & Thai Yoga, he joined the teacher training program in India at a Sivananda yoga ashram. His journey took him to the banks of the Ganga & the Himalayas for many Sadhana Intensive courses.

Aaed combines his enthusiasm and love of yoga with knowledge of alignment and body mechanics. His class is safe for injured, modified for the beginners, but also challenging for the advanced.

> Learn more about Aaed Ghanem

Ine Maes (BE)
Holistic coach, yoga & meditation teacher & self-care motivator

Ine started practicing yoga in 1998 and turned it into a dedicated ritual ever since. Ine’s Studio Hida is both a physical Studio in Antwerp Belgium and an online video platform, as well as a coaching practice. She’s passionate about motivating as many people as possible to take good care of themselves and provide them with the right tools to learn how to deal with stress and the challenges of life. This by applying meaningful self-care, such as yoga, meditation, movement, sleep, and breathing exercises in their daily lives. With her holistic but down-to-earth approach Ine has guided countless off people.

As a holistic coach she guides people from the present to their goal, she specializes in well-being and stress reduction, burn-out recovery and burnout prevention. Her +20 years of teaching experience resulted in in-depth yoga courses, yoga teacher trainings, online courses, workshops and webinars. Ine will publish her first book on April 6, 2021: "Zen Parents" Yoga, meditation and self-care for busy parents.

> Learn more about Ine Maes

Bert Peeters (BE)
Hatha Yoga

Bert is a senior yoga teacher, body therapy coach and one of the first in Belgium to be certified in Stretch Therapy.

Through his 30 years experience in yoga and body work he distilled the Bhalu Yoga method (, a complete no-nonsense hatha yoga system. It combines poses, stretching, functional strength training and fascia release, with the breath as a driving force. By bringing consciousness into the body you open the doors to the mind, the heart and the spirit. It is a necessary approach for the modern day western body to realise the traditional path of yoga.

Bert is deeply passionate about this evolution of consciousness and loves offering personal growth through coaching.

> Learn more about Bert Peeters

Kelly Jegers

Als ergotherapeut wil ik mensen met verschillende beperkingen helpen. Mijn fascinatie voor de hersen-flexibiliteit is altijd groot geweest. Ons brein is kneedbaar en kan door de juiste prikkels toe te dienen blijven groeien en leren. En wij als mens dus ook.

Ik begeleid personen die zich beperkt voelen op gebied van participatie, communicatie en hun dagdagelijkse handelingen. Mensen coachen, adviseren en trainen zodat ze terug optimaal kunnen functioneren in de maatschappij en ook op sociaal emotioneel niveau kunnen groeien als persoon is wat ik het liefste doe. Dit realiseer ik door verschillende therapieën en methodieken toe te passen zoals cognitieve therapie, fijn motorische therapie en sensorische integratie.

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